New JERRY ‘Cocktail Ingredient Preparation’ Course

Published: 05 December 2022

Cocktail making might seem like mixing vodka and tonic, but there is much more to it. A craft cocktail program requires much preparation, with a lot happening behind the scenes, from juicing fresh citrus to making syrups, cordials and shrubs. As a bartender, you must problem-solve using basic maths to prepare house-made ingredients.

Allara Global’s new interactive JERRY ‘Cocktail Ingredient Preparation’ is an introduction to craft cocktail-making course and covers: units of measurement in cooking, measurement conversions and how to scale recipes up or down to meet demand, how to make cocktail ingredients such as syrups, cordials, infusions, shrubs, sodas and fat-washed spirits and how to batch cocktails and cocktail ingredients, including the tools and tricks for batching and labelling.

Cocktail Ingredient Preparation is an introduction to craft cocktail making.

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