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In 2021, Allara Global was launched off the back of the rapid growth of Allara Learning’s online training division. Founded in 2009, Allara Learning started after identifying a gap in the market for a robust, reliable, end to-end training provider for customers. Since then, Allara Learning has quickly grown to become the leading national vocational education provider offering a comprehensive range of industry-leading learning solutions, delivering nationally recognised qualifications, eLearning, short courses, community programs and bespoke fee-for-service training.

Backed by a dedicated team of customer-centric professionals, Allara Global provides a range of unrivalled, end-to-end learning solutions and services that empower our customers, including:

  • An ever-growing course library
  • Bespoke content
  • A powerful Learning Management System.

We arm our customers with the tools to efficiently induct/onboard staff, drive staff engagement, train at scale and with consistency, upskill their team, run profitable operations, and create a safer work environment whilst ensuring compliance. This enables you to get back to doing what you do best – building great teams.

We support thousands of customers across a myriad of industries including hospitality, retail, aged care, healthcare, building and construction, business and professional services, government and education, banking and financial services, manufacturing, mining, and energy and utilities. 

Allara Global seeks to continue to grow, evolve, and innovate, ensuring that our offering remains the best in the industry for our customers.

Allara Global is trusted by many brands you know and love

Flower Power
Meals on Wheels Brisbane



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