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Christmas Cocktail Trends + Cocktail Recipe

Published: 30 November 2023

With the festive period on the horizon, Christmas drink trends are taking a fresh and mindful turn. The emphasis on sustainability is shaping this season's celebrations, fusing traditional approaches with contemporary trends, opening a new perspective on our festive beverages. Eco-conscious creations promoting zero waste and the surge of sophisticated non-alcoholic and low-alcohol alternatives signal a move towards a more thoughtful form of celebration.

Environmentally friendly cocktails

As food costs climb and awareness about waste grows, there's been a surge in innovative methods to minimise waste and utilise every part of ingredients in cocktails. Repurposing used fruit into syrups, infusions, or garnishes is a simple approach for those aspiring for a zero-waste cocktail. But pre-batching cocktails in advance not only effective for reducing waste but also streamlines and accelerates service—a beneficial outcome for both ends!

Low and non-alcoholic cocktails 

The market has witnessed an influx of top-notch non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages, responding to the escalating demand from health-conscious consumers. These offerings are perfect for those choosing to avoid alcohol or for those seeking to moderate their alcohol intake during festivities. Don’t be shy to explore these categories!

Tequila will still lead summer cocktails

The margarita has had a massive comeback during lockdown, and we are not seeing its popularity slowing down! With the category now starting to offer flavoured options, It will be interesting to see if punters start to explore with other type of tequila cocktails

Premium, seasonal, and local

People in general drink less and are after good value for their money. They are also after a good story from the beverage they are consuming. Knowing how it’s produced, where it’s from, and what makes it unique is becoming of a great value when punters make decisions about what to order. Premium quality, local and seasonal ingredients are always a winner. This summer, talk to your local fruit and veg shop, ask them what’s in season and why not try to explore making drinks using indigenous ingredients!

Calypso Cooler (Christmas cocktail)

This cocktail has low abv (approx. 5% abv/0.83 standard drinks) is perfect for our Aussie Christmas. Refreshing, tasty with bittersweet flavours of Mango. Think of it as the tropical cousin of the Aperol Spritz. I decided to use Mangos, as they are the perfect summer fruit. Instead of wasting the skins after eating the fruit, you can use their skin to prepare a delicious Mango Oleo. I also used grapefruit, as they pair beautifully with Mango, just in time before they become out of season.

• 15ml Tequila Blanco
• 45ml Bianco Vermouth
• 30ml Baked Ruby Grapefruit juice* (use 30ml grapefruit juice and 2 dashed of angostura bitters as an alternative)
• 30ml Mango Oleo**
• 100ml Soda Water

Combine all the ingredients in a large wine glass, stir, add ice.

Add a slice of grapefruit.

Pro tip: If you’re looking to fill a jug, multiply the recipe 5 times and pour into a jug filled with ice.

How to make ‘Baked Ruby Grapefruit Juice’
1. Slice a ruby grapefruit in half and place the flat face facing up in a baking tray lined with baking paper
2. Cover each face with caster sugar and bake for 30min at 180 degrees in a conventional oven
Pro tip: Prepare at least 8hrs prior (up to 48hrs prior service)

How to make ‘Mango Oleo’
1. After juicing the grapefruits, remove the pulp from two halves
2. In a mixing bowl, mix 100 gr of grapefruit skin, 400gr of washed mango skin with some pulpe, 5gr of sea salt with 500gr of caster sugar
3. Transfer in a container and seal. Let sit for 8 to 24hrs at room temperature
4. Once the sugar is dissolved, strain into a bottle and store refrigerated up to 1 week

Pro tip: This mango oleo also makes a great base for a Mango soda. Mix 1 part Mango Oleo with 5part water in a soda stream, load it with CO2 and voila!

Cheers! Happy holidays!

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