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Simplifying compliance training and employee on-boarding

SUKI [suh-kee] (Japanese) meaning “to like, to love”. Fresh, fast and fun, SUKI brings the traditional flavours of Hawaii and Japan together and then adds an Australian fusion making SUKI the most exciting and original poké franchise in Australia.


Since its launch in early 2017, SUKI, the pioneer of innovative casual dining and healthy takeaway, has witnessed remarkable growth. To keep pace with their rapidly expanding business, SUKI faced the challenge of implementing an onboarding solution that not only welcomed new staff but also engaged them effectively. The key challenges included:

  • Onboarding New Staff : Welcoming and integrating new team members seamlessly into the SUKI family.
  • Tailored Training Materials: Developing training materials that align with SUKI's unique operational processes.
  • Effective Learning: Ensuring that the training process not only engages staff but also results in genuine and valuable learning outcomes.
  • Consistency Across Venues: Delivering uniform training across multiple SUKI locations while preserving the brand's distinctive visual appeal.
  • Performance Tracking: Implementing a comprehensive reporting system to monitor and track staff performance effectively.
  • Scalability: Designing a solution that could adapt and grow with SUKI's rapid and ongoing expansion.


Working closely with SUKI, Allara Global's team created a captivating Welcome video and designed a suite of custom interactive courses and videos tailored to the intricacies of SUKI's unique processes and culinary offerings. Furthermore, SUKI leveraged Allara Global's library of engaging pre-built courses to ensure effective compliance training for their workforce.

SUKI harnessed the power of Allara Global's user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver this comprehensive training initiative. The LMS was expertly branded to maintain the same visual vibrancy and excitement synonymous with the SUKI brand.

The cloud-based LMS solution facilitated a swift and seamless launch, enabling SUKI to ensure consistent training across all their venues. It also boasted a robust reporting system, enabling SUKI to effortlessly monitor individual and venue performance.

SUKI's choice of LMS was also driven by its scalability, allowing it to adapt quickly to the dynamic demands of their rapidly growing business.


The partnership with Allara Global yielded impressive results for SUKI:

  • Significant Reduction in Training Costs: By shifting away from traditional face-to-face training methods, SUKI realized substantial cost savings.
  • Streamlined Onboarding: The implementation of the online training program eliminated lead times in onboarding new staff members.
  • Rapid Store Expansion: SUKI gained the ability to seamlessly integrate new stores into the online training program within seconds, showcasing their agility and adaptability in response to their growth.

Neven Vanderzee, Director of Operations, remarked, “It’s great to have a platform that allows us to easily manage and deploy our on-boarding and training across multiple SUKI stores and that will grow with us.”

It’s great to have a platform that allows us to easily manage and deploy our on-boarding and training across multiple SUKI stores and that will grow with us.

Neven Vanderzee

Director of Operations
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