New JERRY ‘Introduction to Vodka’ Course

Published: 21 April 2022

Vodka is the world's most popular white spirit, especially amongst health conscious and young drinkers. So, what makes vodka the world's most alluring white spirit? It's sheer mix-ability. Vodka is a flavour enhancer, and when it is added to cocktails and punches, it brings out the best in other ingredients. This quality makes vodka extraordinary and an essential ingredient for craft bitters, syrups, sauces and marinades.

Introduction to Vodka is a vodka fundamentals course that will give you a basic understanding of the white spirit, including:

  • A brief history of vodka and how it is made
  • How to read a vodka label, including straight, flavoured and overproof vodkas
  • How to recommend a vodka cocktail to a guest
  • The basics of popular vodka cocktails.

The course joins the Allara Global library as part of the JERRY series. We’ll be continuing to release even more of these great courses to the series over the coming months.

It's time to take your vodka knowledge to the next level!

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