Ready-to-go online training courses for the retail industry

Picture of  Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Duration: 15-20 mins
Picture of  Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Safety Awareness

Duration: 15-20 mins
Picture of  Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, Trips and Falls

Duration: 15-20 mins
Picture of  Social Media in the Workplace

Social Media in the Workplace

Duration: 15-20 mins
Picture of Modern Slavery Awareness

Modern Slavery Awareness

Duration: 15-20 mins
Picture of  Armed Robbery Awareness

Armed Robbery Awareness

Duration: 15-20 mins
Picture of  Customer Service 101

Customer Service 101

Duration: 15-20 mins
Picture of  Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Duration: 15-20 mins
Picture of Privacy in the Workplace

Privacy in the Workplace

Duration: 15-20 mins
Picture of  Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying

Duration: 15-20 mins
Picture of  Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety

Duration: 15-20 mins
Picture of Manual Handling

Manual Handling

Duration: 15-20 mins
Course Library

Course library

Ready-to-go eLearning courses

Our library of ready-to-go compliance and skills training courses are ideal for onboarding new team members, reminding employees of their legal obligations and improving operational performance.


  • Highly engaging and interactive courses
  • Cost-effective training solution
  • Certificate on completion
  • Mobile-friendly
  • New legislation and regulation updates
  • Created in collaboration with industry experts
  • Option to customise courses
Bespoke online learning

Bespoke online learning

Bespoke solutions tailored to your business

We create engaging bespoke online learning solutions to meet your specific training requirements.

Content services

  • Interactive courses
  • Welcome videos
  • Specific training techniques
  • Convert SOPs and Policies & Procedures
  • Company branded content
Deliver training anytime, anywhere

Learning platform

Deliver training anytime, anywhere

Our learning management system (LMS) is fast to deploy and easy to use.


  • Custom branding
  • Ready-to-go course library
  • Course builder
  • Import your existing eLearning courses and content
  • Mobile app
  • Integrations with HRIS, SSO and web conferencing systems
  • Gamification
  • Powerful reporting
"It’s great to have a platform that allows us to easily manage and deploy our onboarding and training across multiple SUKI stores and that will grow with us."

Neven Vanderzee

Director of Operations, Suki



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